Wintertime Condensation Build Up

Humidity Level Recommendations

A common wintertime problem experienced by those in the Northwest is an irritating buildup of water and frost on windows. This condensation is caused by excess warm, moist air coming in contact with cooler air or objects, such as mirrors or windows. Excessive moisture, if not controlled properly, can cause damage to your home as well as reduce air quality by providing ideal conditions for breeding mold and bacteria.

To help reduce and prevent excess humidity in your Montana home:

  • Run a continuous fan on your furnace and ceiling fans – the more air circulation, the better!
  • Open window blinds so circulating air can dry existing condensation and prevent future build up.
  • Wipe away excess moisture from windows and sills.
  • Operate bathroom vent fans during and for at least 10-15 minutes after showing or bathing.
  • Use the kitchen range vent fan while cooking.
  • If you have a whole house humidifier installed on your HVAC system, make sure the humidistat or humidity setting on your thermostat is adjusted accordingly for the temperatures outside.

Humidity Level Recommendations

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