Preventative Maintenance on an Air Conditioner

How often should I have my Air Conditioner serviced?
It is recommended to have an A/C or heat pump unit serviced and cleaned annually. Like a car, an air conditioner needs regular maintenance and service to run efficiently. Due to the availability of new testing equipment, maintenance can be performed at times when Montana’s weather would ordinarily prevent. Standard maintenance can be done as early as April to the end of October as long as daytime temperatures reach above 55° with sunshine.

Why is this important? It saves you money!
Preventative maintenance saves you money. Your air conditioner or heat pump collects dirt and dust continuously throughout the year, not only during operating months. Simply replacing a dirty air filter can reduce your energy consumption anywhere from 5-15%. Having a qualified professional perform maintenance allows your unit to operate efficiently, thereby reducing your monthly utility bill and in the long run helps prevent costly repairs.

Additionally, all HVAC manufacturers now require written annual maintenance be completed by a licensed professional in order to retain eligible equipment warranties. Having a professional HVAC technician inspect the unit every year will maintain the warranty and guarantee that your unit operates at peak performance.

What is done during preventative maintenance?
A number of tasks are completed by Design Air technicians while performing preventative maintenance on an air conditioner or heat pump. The primary focus is to look at the overall health of your unit and to prevent failures before they happen. Filters are inspected and changed if necessary, the outside condenser coil cleaned, and the system’s air flow measured and adjusted for maximum efficiency. The technician will also check for proper refrigerant charge based upon manufacturer’s standards and will advise for further testing and repairs should the system require it. Diagnostic checks on the electronic and safety devices are also done to make sure they are operating properly.

Inspections extend to the interior as well. The technician checks the indoor coil and the furnace or air handler blower components which are responsible for moving air through the house. The condensate pump and drain line is also checked and cleaned if necessary. Condensate lines and drains are easily clogged and without maintenance can damage walls and flooring when not caught in time. In some instances condensate pumps fail undetected causing flooding. Regular maintenance on your unit prevents this from happening.

Once all the diagnostic readings and cleaning have been completed, the technician will advise the homeowner of leaks or potential future part failures so that repairs or a replacement can be determined and scheduled.

It is our job to keep you cool during the summer months! Please Contact Us to request a routine preventative maintenance for your Air Conditioning or Heat Pump unit.

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