Smart Thermostats

Live in balance with smart thermostats that harmonize energy savings and home comfort.

The cleanest, most affordable energy choice is not to waste it.

ecobee thermostats help you save up to 26%* on annual heating and cooling costs through advanced occupancy sensing technology, so you never heat or cool an empty home. And the more homes we're in, the more we all save together.

ecobee3  lite


Ecobee Smart Thermostat Pro


Common Features Available on Both the ecobee3 lite Pro and the ecobee SmartThermostat Pro

Comfort Schedules
Homeowners can set schedules to enjoy comfort when they are home, and energy savings while they are away.

Comfort Where It’s Needed
Add a SmartSensor to important rooms to balance the temperature in the home or use Follow Me to prioritize comfort to the rooms you’re using (ecobee3 lite requires a separate SmartSensor purchase).

Smart Recovery
Using current weather conditions and scheduled temperature settings, the ecobee thermostats learn the best way to bring the home to its scheduled temperature.

Remote Access
Control comfort from anywhere with an iOS® or Android® device using the ecobee app, or from a computer using the ecobee web interface.

Five-Year Limited Warranty
The ecobee thermostats come with a five-year limited warranty when purchased through and installed by a Bryant contractor.

Optimal Humidity
For homes with humidifiers, this feature regulates indoor humidity to prevent frost buildup on windows when it’s cold outside and too humid indoors.

Robust Staging Options
Optimizes usage of multi-stage heating and cooling equipment by engaging the higher stage when indoor temperature is notably different than desired temperature. It will then switch back to the lower stage as your home gets closer to the desired temperature.

Fan Dissipation
At the end of a heating or cooling cycle, when the coil or heat exchanger is still cold, the ecobee thermostat runs the fan to get the most cooling and dehumidification out of your equipment.

Additional Features included with the ecobee SmartThermostat Pro with voice control

Both models start with the same intelligent features and functionality, but the SmartThermostat takes it up several notches with these distinct additions:

Amazon® Alexa® Voice Service Built-In
Convenience and comfort converge with built-in Amazon Alexa Voice Service. Your customers can ask their thermostat to set a timer, read the news, adjust the temperature and even control other Alexa-enabled devices.

Smart Home/Away
A built-in occupancy sensor on the SmartThermostat can tell if the customer is home or away and automatically override scheduled temperature settings for either comfort or savings.

Streaming Music
The ecobee SmartThermostat lets homeowners stream music through Spotify® Connect. For a richer audio experience, connect it to a Bluetooth®-enabled smart speaker.

The ecobee SmartThermostat, model EB-STATE5BR-01, also comes with one wireless remote SmartSensor. The sensor can be placed in a room of the homeowner’s choosing for more targeted comfort and control, measures temperature and occupancy. The SmartSensor is sold separately with the other models.

Follow Me
Follow Me helps your ecobee SmartThermostat better manage the temperature in occupied rooms. When Follow Me is enabled, the only sensors that have recently detected occupancy will be used in temperature averaging, rather than relying on the participation settings used by your Comfort Settings.

Accessory Support
The ecobee SmartThermostat supports the most common HVAC accessories such as humidifiers and dehumidifiers. These accessories can be wired as a 2-wire or 1-wire, depending on how the accessory has been set up with the HVAC equipment.

Free Cooling*
In cooling mode, when the system detects that the outside air is cooler than the inside air and the system is calling for cooling, the thermostat will activate Free Cooling. This will bring in the cooler air from outside to help keep your home more comfortable while saving energy.

*Ventilator required