New Construction

new construction

Particularly at the beginning, new construction can be overwhelming to homeowners. But it doesn’t need to be. Partnering with Design Air ensures your project will be handled in a professional and experienced manner. With more than 26 years in the heating-and-cooling business, we know our way around HVAC and new homes. Our Home Comfort Advisors are experienced in new-construction HVAC design and installation, and will correctly set up your new-construction project for your best possible comfort, with cost savings in mind. Whether it’s a new home, a duplex, or a fourplex, let us help you with your next Missoula, MT, construction project.

Best HVAC System for Your Project

There are a myriad of details to address when building a new home. One of the most important you’ll face is your HVAC system. Your ultimate goal is to choose the best heating, cooling, and ventilation for your money that will bring you the most energy efficiency and comfort. Our professional advisors can walk you through the decisions you’ll need to make, as well guide you to the wisest choice for each decision.

It’s imperative you purchase and install a system that fits your home, both in size and needs. With so many choices out there, you want a professional who can help you narrow down the field and effectively explain the differences between your options. You’ll be investing in your system, so you want to make the most educated purchase you can. If you install a system that’s too large for your house, your furnace could continually cycle on and off, causing it to be less efficient. What a waste of money to purchase one of the most energy-efficient models to only have it not operate at its potential due to oversizing. The same can be said for undersizing. Your comfort level in your home may never be consistently reached due to the limitations your furnace has for the square footage it’s attempting to heat. That’s why installing the proper-sized system for your home is intrinsic to obtain the results you want.

Our professionals can also help design and install the best ventilation system for your home. You want to be sure if your new construction has HVAC zones, the dampers and plenums are working where and how they’re intended to work. Poorly sealed ductwork can result in loss of energy through leaks. Once again, you won’t be realizing the full energy efficiency of your system with leaking ducts. Our knowledgeable professionals know proper installation and sealing practices, allowing your system to work as intended.

At Design Air, we will assist you in deciding which equipment for your system will best fit your new home and your lifestyle. We can explain why a heat pump might work better than a straight-up furnace for your home, or why a ductless mini-split would be perfect in your planned guest bedroom. There are so many nuances to designing and installing a new HVAC system, you want to be confident that you’re working with a team who has experience to back up their claims. And that’s what you get with our team. Experience, knowledge, and professionalism. Contact us at 406-251-7997 to discuss making us a part of your new-construction team.

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